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Privacy Policy

Both Privacy policy and terms of use make a single legal agreement. When a user enters the website, he/she, by default, agrees to the terms. If you don’t accept the terms or privacy policy, please, don’t visit our website.

Changes in Privacy Policy

Administration has the right: to correct the policy on its own discretion. The changes are applied after the first publishing on the Website page. If a user enters the website after the applied changes, he/she automatically accepts new rules. Therefore he/she agrees with all the implemented changes.

Data Collection

Part of the information a user provides consciously, using specific boxes of the website. Some information is gathered automatically. Some sections of the website can be used if a user provides personal information: name, address, email, telephone etc. Authorization on our website by social networks accounts is supposed to transfer data automatically and administration can have access to the following data:
  • E-mail.
  • Address
  • Photo.
  • Gender.
  • Date of birth.
  • Photo and Video.
  • List of relatives and friends.
Moreover The Hedger can gather automatically:
  • Browser you are using.
  • OS devices.
  • IP address.
  • Website visit time.
Cookies are often used, but you can change the settings on your browser to disable the automatic transfer of data. Notifications about their use will not appear anymore. Geolocation technology is used to define location. The transfer of geolocation data can also be disabled by changing the settings on your browser

Information Usage

All information about users is accumulated with the objective of:
  • Technical support, in case a user himself appeals for administration assistance.
  • Help provided by the administration to users experiencing issues on the site
  • Prevention of violations.
  • Improvement of information, presented on the website and user-friendly interface of our website.
  • Advertising personalization

Information analysis

The Hedger complies with legislation requirements, therefore:
  • User’s data privacy is preserved
  • Whole data processing is made when necessary.

Providing Data to Third Party Services

Confidential information does not leave the website. Third parties do not receive the information about our users. If it is essential, then private information can be given only with the user’s consent. In this case, it must be discussed to come to the consensus.

Safety and Data Deletion

There is an effective and modern protection for data and private information safety, which blocks access to hackers. The system is constantly renovated, monitored and modernized. The administration is not responsible for cracks by attackers. There is no 100% guarantee from such force-majeure circumstances in the world. Moreover, administration cannot be responsible for materials taken by third parties from our website. For any correction of your data or its deletion, send us an email to: support@thehedger.ru.