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Terms of Use

Terms of use is a legal agreement with a user. By entering the website, you fully agree and accept all its terms and conditions. It is important to review these conditions, because you accept them by using our services. If you do not accept the rules, please refrain from visiting our website.

Change of Terms

The website administration has a right to make additions or changes to the terms. They become operational just after publishing a new agreement. We keep the right not to inform our users about changes in advance. If you continue to use our website after the additions being published, you automatically accept them.

User’s content

On our website, each user is treated fairly. Please, try not to use swear words or insult other users in any way. Furthermore, you can not carry on any illegal activity, especially if it can negatively influence our website operation. We constantly develop new technologies and functions to improve our services. Our specialists have a right to modernize and manage published content and if necessary – delete it. In addition, we can block your access to the Web portal.

Our content

We try to post only quality and confirmed information on our Web portal. Nevertheless, you do not have to consider the published data as a professional consultation, for example, in medical, financial, investments or any other area. Remember, only you are responsible for actions done, based on the information of our portal. If you reckon any published data incorrect, contact our specialists by the email: support@thehedger.ru. It should be noted that using any materials published on our website, including copyright, only you are responsible for the consequences. Website The Hedger does not bear any responsibility for using published information by outsiders.

Third parties’ content

Sometimes we post materials from exterior websites. If you want to use them, you have to review third party conditions beforehead.


On our website, we publish only those images and photos, which are considered to be public domain. However, people can make mistakes. If you regard the use of any picture unconventional, just send us an email to support@thehedger.ru. We will immediately delete the picture.

Intellectual property

All materials posted on our website are indispensably copyright reserved. They are the company's property. All our content can be used only for personal needs. It can not be used for commercial purposes. If you want to use our information, you must contact us beforehead for getting corresponding permission.

Everything related to responsibility

We are not responsible for usage of our materials by visitors. All performed acts are at your authority. The Hedger is not responsible for losses, which would be the result of such trading operations. All materials on our website are presented as they are. If you send us a review, we can use it and not undertake any obligations. All our users accept that they are ready to protect the website and employees from any fines, losses, damages etc. Therefore you have to follow all legislation requirements, all terms and conditions of current agreement. Otherwise is possible only if all employees and administrators of our website clearly consented it.